Mari is indubitably a wonderful coach. From the beginning, she has been totally committed to Shannon. Mari is very professional and organized. Her ability to quickly access an actor’s needs is one of the many attributes that makes her great. Her crucial talent for drawing the best from her actors and making them feel comfortable, while getting them prepared for the real world of auditions is Mari’s forte. Along the way, Mari has provided guidance and answered many of our questions about the business. I’d like to mention how Mari took the time to discuss concerns we have had as parents. Mari has been very supportive of Shannon, which now means we are moving forward and on to L.A. Finally I have to express my gratitude to a coach who has always had faith in Shannon's abilities and worked hard to get Shannon where she is today. Our time with Mari has made all the difference in Shannon’s career.

Brie Kummer
Mother of Shannon Kummer

Mari's razor sharp focus in bringing out the best in her students has been instrumental in advancing Camille's acting skills. Mari has taped several auditions for Camille, including the audition that was submitted for consideration to the Los Angeles agent now representing Camille. In addition to being a supportive acting coach, Mari is very responsive to questions about the industry. We feel very fortunate that Camille has had the opportunity to work with her.

Linda Giuffre
Mother of Camille Giuffre

Mari is an amazing acting teacher. She really connects with her young students and brings out the best in them. Her knowledge of the business and of young children is top notch. Both of my children have coached with Mari and we absolute love her!

Michelle Ferrell
Mother of Brooke J. Ferrell and Brayden Ferrell

Mari Ferguson has been a tremendous help to my daughter, Hallie Pierce. Two years ago, Hallie was able to sign with a local agent after working with Mari on audition techniques and monologues. Mari's continued support and encouragement has been instrumental in Hallie's growth as an actor. Besides private acting classes, Mari has provided Hallie with advice and coaching for auditions, giving her insight into the characters and scenes. Mari gives so much of herself during her classes. She has a knack for teaching actors how to stay 'real' and natural, which has resulted in several roles for Hallie, including a lead in a feature film. Mari Ferguson's name is the first I mention when someone is looking for an acting teacher. www.halliepierce.com

Jill Pierce
Parent of Student Hallie Pierce

My husband, Joey and I started taking class from Mari after seeing how much fun it was for our children. Now it has become a family affair. A short time after we started working with Mari, we all started booking jobs. She gave me a 911coaching session on the phone the night before my first job. Mari gives love and support to all of her students. My family improves with every lesson. Thank you, Mari, for everything.

Melissa Malouf
Mother of Morgan, Landon and Madison